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I am Very Experienced 

Many lawyers claim to be the best cross examiners, deal makers, and jury specialists.  I claim no such titles.  I hold the dubious distinction of being the lawyer that has probably been scammed by the most marketing companies ever. 

I am an expert in it, and I am sure I know more about it than you do.  My years of victimization at the hands of unscrupulous pedlers has given me the ability to sniff out a scam from a mile away.

The worst type of scam is the one you are unaware of.My susceptibility to the charlatans has been due to a perfect storm of vulnerabilities that I possess – eternal optimism, cognitive dissonance, naivete, and a refusal to give up on my dream of having a well-marketed law office.

My ignorance, more than anything, is responsible for me falling prey to the sketchy marketers.

Do you already have a marketing company?

Do you already have a marketing company that is producing good results?  If you are ignorant as to how that is being done, you are probably still paying more than you need to and might even be getting outright scammed.

How do I know this?  Because I reverse-engineered the pay-per-click strategy of one of my well-marketed competitors.  They were indeed extremely well-marketed locally.  They were also well-marketed in jurisdictions in other countries, where they never take on cases and are not even licensed to practice.  A Canadian law firm has no business paying for ads in India or the U.K. (true story). 

My well-marketed competitor could not possibly have known of this.  I wanted to be as well-marketed as they were, but I couldn’t afford their 6000/month google ad budget. 

I didn’t need to have that amount however because my investigation showed me that it was possible to achieve the same result for less than a third if I cut the wastage.

Ignorance is Bliss Expensive

The worst type of scam is the one you are unaware of.  This one central truth will change your approach to spending money on marketing. 

You cannot determine if you are getting good value on your digital marketing goods if you are not aware of the nature and essence of those goods. 

If you pay a marketing company 5000/month to generate you 20,000 per month in actualized leads, you may be happy with the return on investment, but you cannot properly assess if they are being fair to you unless you know what exactly goes into generating the leads. 

Sure, you may be pulling in 15000 a month in profit, but what if you could be pulling in 4000 more and making 19000/month instead?

The leads you are getting could be as a result of a 30-second edit to the title tag and meta description on one of your webpages.  Such a tweak has led to significant traffic and conversions to my website on multiple occasions. 

In fact, one of my “Aha!” moments in my emancipation from scamdom came when I logged into the back end of my website for the first time.  I realized that a ton of blog entries’ meta descriptions and title tags were not optimized despite the fact that I was paying hundreds each month for this service. 

I felt stupid.

Knowledge is Power

With the help of a plugin that the scam company had installed and never availed themselves of, I self-taught and fixed these errors and almost instantly started ranking higher on google. 

I fired them shortly thereafter, but not until I had paid them thousands of dollars in instalments of a few hundred each month. 

Each time I complained, I was told that there are never guarantees with google and promised that I would be on top of Mount google very soon.

You probably have no idea of the technical terms I just used to describe my SEO process and that very reason is why you might be getting taken by the marketing company that has doubled your leads and continues to charge you thousands a month for a service that you cannot evaluate to see if you can get cheaper.

You Need to be in Control

If you are not going to be at the helm of your marketing, you better be making so much money that you don’t care to waste it.  If wasting is not an option for you, it is imperative that you learn basic SEO, WordPress, and web design.  Unless and until you do that, you will be vulnerable to dishonest companies especially if you are entering into long term contracts.

Don’t know how to learn these things?  I’ll get you started free of charge.  Link with me for a free chat.

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